What To Do When Your Resolutions Fail

What To Do When Your Resolutions Fail

It’s not too late for a do-over on those New Year’s Resolutions. In fact, things are changing in the country, we’re embarking on a new era, so why not embark on a New You in a New Way. How ‘bout a whole new way of looking at New Year’s …..promises …goals…resolutions….changes….whatever you want to call that stuff. My aim here is to give you a technique that sticks. The goal is to get where you want to go in 2017 and make this year your bi–h (rhymes with witch).

Abe Lincoln told us that you’re as happy as you choose to be and I suggest that making and sustaining aspirational objectives what it takes to get happy.

fitcamp-cancun-mexicoMost of you know me a Head Camp Weenie at FITCAMP but in my role in the world of longevity as The Telomere Diva it’s my job to help you to support your telomeres and live a longer, more healthy life. My theory is that living life with aspiration is more important than inspiration.

Setting aspirations bigger than you changes your DNA. See, once you have set aspirational goals and stuck to your guns, you’re more happy. Telomeres respond to happy. (They really respond to JOY, but more on that in a minute.)

We’ve all lived through resistance to our usual goals and resolutions. Sometimes we fall off the New Year’s resolution wagon before the sun has set on Jan 1. Inspiration and motivation wear off and ebb and flow during any given day. Then we beat ourselves up. If we do manage to stick to a goal for any length of time we may find ourselves happy. What if, however, we aimed for JOY and not just happy? How do we blow right past happy and arrive at joy? How do we set ourselves up not to beat ourselves up but to revel in the winner’s circle?

Create A Mental Blueprint for 2017

There’s a lot of talk about ADD and ADHD. Hey, we all have AD: Attention Deficit. There’s so much stimuli out there, so much information coming at us 24/7. It’s no wonder that thoughts and motives scatter. Discipline falters. To get results you have to simplify to amplify.

Find an aspirational calling for yourself. “I want to be a bigger, more loving person.” “I believe in a higher power than myself” “I want to change my world in some way.” These are New Year’s concepts that can sustain. Your bodyfat may go up and down, you might fall off your diet and then get back on, but the background conversation to your life can stay on track. When it does, life gets easier and more satisfying. You are no longer tied to the types of goals and resolutions that disappoint.

Most importantly, with the little ups and downs that will happen every day, your attitude remains intact. As an optimist, you can work through the setbacks without falling into a funk that derails you. Optimism arises out of the aspirational choice you made. You realize that falling off the New Year’s resolution wagon won’t kill you and you climb back on.

Celebrate Your Aspirations

Screw your missteps and move on. Don’t beat yourself up over every little cheat you made on your diet or every workout you missed or sleepwalked through. Viewing life through the lens of your aspirations will sustain you well through this year and into the next. You will become a badass at manifesting awesomeness. Stay in action. Move toward your aspirations and kick big butt this year

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  1. laura says:

    loved that…very motivating!

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