Women And Aging: The Genetic Reality

Smart Women And Aging

You already know about nutrition and exercise, and you’ve been impressed with some of the powerful anti-aging products you’ve found and used. You’re no newbie to fighting Father Time.

But what if you could actually not just slow or stop, but reverse the process of aging?

I know this may sound a little crazy (okay, maybe a lot crazy!), but there’s some brand new hard science being uncovered that reveals the secrets of how women age, and some very promising studies now show how the same process that ages us can also – amazingly – be reversed.

Telomeres and Aging

When your cells divide, the tips of your chromosomes – called telomeres — get shorter.

Over the last 20 years scientists have shown that there’s a huge correlation between the length of your telomeres and your age.

A stunning revelation came in the late 1990’s that showed if you could lengthen the telomeres, human cells (these were in a petri dish) actually got younger.

It didn’t stop with the petri dish.

In January of 2011 Harvard University researcher Ron DePinho (now at MD Anderson) used the technology to make old mice – specially engineered to make them age like humans – young again.

Now that’s all petri dishes and lab experiments, and there are thousands of studies being done so that women and men can begin to take advantage of this new knowledge.

We are learning that there are many other things besides cell division that shorten telomeres and increase aging.

Why Women 40 to 70 Are at Higher Risk

Anything that causes oxidation stress also shortens telomeres, and as a result, you age more quickly.

The University of Maryland Medical Center says that working mothers “face higher stress levels and possibly adverse health effects, most likely because they bear a greater and more diffuse work load than men or other women.”

Women are most often the caregivers of our society.

We work, manage home and family, and when someone in our immediate families is sick or needs care, women are frequently the ones who put our shoulders to the wheel and do the hard work.

In addition, older women are at higher risk for stress-related aging.

The systems in our brains that help us deal with stress become more fatigued and less efficient as we age. Older women also often have additional stressors such as

  • Medical problems
  • The loss of a spouse and friends
  • Changes in a living situation
  •  Financial worries

So if you can begin to reduce your workload and share some of the tremendous demands of raising children, working full-time, and caring for a family, you can begin to push back the hands of your age clock.

In other words, reducing stress is the first step in slowing the biological process of aging.

There are hundreds of techniques for reducing stress. Getting more of the help you need, learning to meditate, slowing your pace… The sooner you begin, you more you increase the likelihood that your “golden” years will really shine!

Lengthen Your Lifespan by Reducing Inflammation

If the first secret to stopping the aging clock has to do with becoming aware of and reducing the impact of stress during child-raising and working years, the second step has to do with reducing inflammation.

Inflammation is a defensive reaction to infections, toxins, injuries, and other assaults on your body. If you can minimize inflammation, you slash your chances of heart disease, cancer, and dozens of other diseases in half, and give Father Time a massive push backward!

Fortunately, there are lots of very safe and natural ways to control inflammation.

Of course you can and should maintain a healthy diet (reduce grains, red meat, coffee and alcohol intake) and get regular exercise. But and even easier way to stop the aging clock is to start taking fish or krill oil, glutathione, and vitamin D3.

These supplements are incredibly powerful and effective in

  • Keeping your red blood cells elastic and strong to fight disease
  • Naturally lowering your cholesterol (with no side effects!)
  • Keeping your teeth and bones healthy and strong
  • Supporting your immune system

And the best thing about these supplements is that they are natural, safe, and easy to obtain.

Learn More About How You Can Beat the Genetics of Aging

The new information about telomeres and the biological process of aging is incredibly hopeful and very exciting

There are so many ways for you to take charge of the aging process that’s going on in your body and in your life right now!

If you’re interested in learning more about telomeres and other ways you can defeat the genetics of aging, you can get a free copy of the “Breakthrough Reverse Aging Teleconference.” In this power-packed seminar you’ll hear from 5 of the top experts in the anti-aging field. It’s loaded with information you absolutely must hear!

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Today Greta Blackburn lives and works in New York City, where her schooling and career began more than thirty years ago. Back then she was a model and television actress. She moved to Los Angeles, where she enjoyed a solid career in commercials, movies and TV.

She segued into the health and fitness industry as a fitness magazine editor and infomercial spokesperson and today she is working with the world’s leading scientists in telomere biology and age management.

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Greta Blackburn is an actress, fitness magazine editor and Founder/Director of Greta Blackburn’s FITCAMPS, which have taken place for over 20 years in locations ranging from Malibu, Maui, and Mexico to Las Vegas and served as training symposiums for fitness professionals and other interested men and women from all over the world. Today the focus at Fitcamp is making 100 the new 50.

In 2011 Greta co-authored, “The Immortality Edge” with Michael Fossel, MD, PhD. (author of the pivotal 1997 tome “Reversing Human Aging”) and Dr. Woynarowski with research and solutions based programs based on the emerging field of Telomere Biology.

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