The Great Telomere Smackdown Goes Primetime

 The Great Telomere Smackdown Goes Primetime

Do you, like me, get aggravated by many of the purveyors of online content because of the never-ending ME ME ME, it’s ALL ABOUT ME tone to everything they write? Many of them would have you believe that they are responsible for everything from the discovery of the fire and the wheel to all things of note in the health or medical world.

According to them, they pioneered…well, EVERYTHING. Only, in their telling of it, their early and earth-shattering revelations were copied by everyone from Big Pharma to the blogger doc next door. Never mind that in many cases these “experts” are so far off the radar screen as to be invisible and a non-issue to the real movers and shakers in the world of science, pharma (big or small) or whatever.

How, then can one separate the men from the boys, get the inside track on not only telomeres (and the foods, workouts, supplements and lifestyle techniques that REJUVENATE them) but also other important longevity tools?  Hint: I’ve got Aubrey de Grey, Dr. Joe Mercola, and Dr. Bill Andrews “standing by” to help you!! But that’s for later.

First, a little background on what I call The Great Telomere Smackdown. It requires that I blow some smoke up my own skirt. (This is the ME ME ME part, only it’s based on fact so please forgive because I think it adds to my point and to my cred.)

See, I was there to get the telomere message out to the mainstream way back when people looked at me cross-eyed at the mere mention of the “T” word. Only a very few took the conversations seriously and understood the importance of telomeres to our health, well-being and longevity. Dr. Michael Fossel, for one, had written about telomeres back in 1997 in “Reversing Human Aging” so you can imagine my thrill when he accepted my request to become one of my co-authors on “The Immortality Edge”.

When I began developing the concept and outline for the book, I had already been in the telomere trenches helping to launch TA Sciences. Importantly, on a side note,I have since progressed into a bigger arena with a broader scope that includes stem cells, artificial intelligence, nanotechnology and more. But back then I wanted a way to spread the word about telomeres to the mainstream Baby Boomer population.  I was working behind the scenes at TA Sciences well before its official inception, actually, and back then we were the first to even think about entering the fray to stop the fraying!

Long before I began the search for collaborators for the book there was a more urgent mission: to get the right people on board for the TA Sciences launch. I reached out to professionals who I thought might “get it”. There were those who did not, although most of them have since gotten on board.

But a few among those early contacts turned out to be the real early adaptors. These are medical professionals like Dr. Fredric Vagnini, Dr. Al Sears, Dr. Ed Park, Dr. Jeff Life, Dr. Joseph Raffaele and Dr. Miki Shima. They got on board as licensees of what was the first telomere activator/support product, but not without return visits and consultations on my part, a bit of canoodling and relationship- building and some serious due diligence on their part.

So you can see that we (TA Sciences and the docs listed above, as well as the researchers like Dr. Calvin Harley Dr. Bill Andrews, researchers like Dr. Jerry Shay, others like him and of course that Nobel Prize-winning team of Telomere Biologists who are the real superstars) are the first tier pioneers in this now expanding field.

Others have jumped on the telomere bandwagon and more will. It always goes like that. Among the hype and often unwarranted self-promotion on the part of the some of the newbies, there are also some serious researchers and scientists who continue to delve into the ever-evolving literature and studies on the subject of telomere support or activation. I suspect that within a very short time the world will take a 180 as Telomere Support and Activation 1.0 morphs into 2.0. It is, after all, a technology and technology never stops evolving toward better solutions. The limitations of any existing technology are always solved by the next generation.

Telomeres are only a piece of the puzzle, however. You can listen to a teleseminar I moderated recently that fills in many of the gaps in the longevity puzzle left by telomere biology. The teleseminar features  Aubrey de Grey (SENS FOUNDATION,, Dr.Bill Andrews (co-discoverer of the hTert telomerase gene,, Dr. Joe Mercola (, myself and Maximum Life Foundation’s David Kekich ( Topics range from telomeres to SENS to supplements, foods and workout programs that will enable 100 to be YOUR new 50. It can be accessed by going to Enjoy!

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Greta Blackburn is an actress, fitness magazine editor and Founder/Director of Greta Blackburn’s FITCAMPS, which have taken place for over 20 years in locations ranging from Malibu, Maui, and Mexico to Las Vegas and served as training symposiums for fitness professionals and other interested men and women from all over the world. Today the focus at Fitcamp is making 100 the new 50.

In 2011 Greta co-authored, “The Immortality Edge” with Michael Fossel, MD, PhD. (author of the pivotal 1997 tome “Reversing Human Aging”) and Dr. Woynarowski with research and solutions based programs based on the emerging field of Telomere Biology.

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