One Fitcamper’s Story


I attended Greta Blackburn’s FITCAMP in 2002 in Malibu, CA with a friend. The camp was a week long journey. It looked to me like it would be something different to do rather then just going on a regular vacation and I was right.

I had so much fun and met so many interesting people. Greta was an inspiration to us all, she taught us you can achieve anything no matter what your age or where you’re from. The FITCAMP was all about women inspiring women to live life to their highest potential.

My favorite part was the agility courses, mainly the telephone pole climb. You had the opportunity, if you chose, to climb to the top of the pole, stand up on the top and then jump off, reaching for a bell that was close or moved further away depending on your comfort zone. I wanted the bell to be moved out as far as possible when I jumped. It was like flying and I wanted to do it again!

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There was a rock climbing wall and I helped a woman named Maria, that I had become good friends with at the camp, overcome her fear of heights and climb the wall to the top. She said she would have never done something like that on her own and that I helped encourage her. That was a great feeling!

Every morning we would wake up and go running or walking, then do a sprint up the side of this steep hill that you had to hold onto a rope and climb up towards the top. Talk about tiring and exhilarating all at the same time! There was always something going on no matter what time of day from yoga, meditation, swimming, walking, educational classes, or just relaxing. I enjoyed the spinning classes every morning, looking out over the mountains, taking in the fresh air. How could you not love that?

Each day there was the most delicious food prepared for us. I wish I could have brought the team of chefs home with me. I would like to tell everyone, if you have the opportunity to take one of Greta’s FITCAMP adventures, do so! You may find a person inside you that you never knew existed.

Stacey Sanchez

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Greta Blackburn is an actress, fitness magazine editor and Founder/Director of Greta Blackburn’s FITCAMPS, which have taken place for over 20 years in locations ranging from Malibu, Maui, and Mexico to Las Vegas and served as training symposiums for fitness professionals and other interested men and women from all over the world. Today the focus at Fitcamp is making 100 the new 50.

In 2011 Greta co-authored, “The Immortality Edge” with Michael Fossel, MD, PhD. (author of the pivotal 1997 tome “Reversing Human Aging”) and Dr. Woynarowski with research and solutions based programs based on the emerging field of Telomere Biology.

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