Best Way To Lose Weight For Summer

Best Way To Lose Weight For Summer

I have a personal goal that might just be of interest to you. See, I want to give you a really useful tool to help you slam your workout chops into high gear and slap some sense into your bad self just in time for summer.

Now, what I’m about to tell you- at first, anyway- will likely sound like the bragging of all of those OTHER people who write newsletters and self-promote themselves ad nauseam, ad infinitum. Stay with me, because this is not one of those “ALL ABOUT ME”, “I’m The Grand Poobah”, “No One But Me Me Me Has The Secret To Your Success” self brag-a-jerk emails.

I’m going to share with you a few personal items, make some points, and help jumpstart your motivation in a whole new way.

I want this summer to be your best ever. You know what I mean: you looking and feeling like a rock star at that family 4th of July BBQ. You fitting into that hot swimsuit you could barely squeeze into last time you tried.

As I wrote this I was on a flight to LA from Florida. I flew to an anti-aging conference last Wednesday for an Immortality Edge book signing for about 400 docs who specialize in longevity. Then I flew back to LA for the world premiere of a little independent movie and to discuss a film project with the director. A few days from now I will head back to NY for meetings regarding a documentary on longevity that I am featured in. In the two weeks that preceded this round of flights, I was in NY, LA, Chicago, Indiana and back again to LA. Are you with me so far?

Here comes the good part: I didn’t miss a workout. I didn’t go overboard and off my healthy eating plan. I stayed with the program.

Does that make me BETTER than anyone else who might have slacked? Does that mean I’m some hotshot flawless superstar? Hell no. It means that I’ve given some serious attitude adjustment to my Inner Lazy Butt. She’s the one who would like to give me permission to SLACK when I get

a)   busy

b)   overwhelmed

c)    stressed

d)   sad

e)   tired of it all

f)     thrilled with it all and wanting to celebrate

g)  all of none of the above

There will always be legitimate “reasons” for me and for you to miss a workout or go off our nutrition plans. The only way to turn down the volume on those little saboteurs inside is to lay down the law, slap some sense into our bad selves, and stick with the plan, man.

Easier said than done, yes. However, there is a way to win the inner slacker battle and it’s simple. I didn’t say EASY. I said SIMPLE.

Ready for the strategy? Here it is: sit right down and write yourself a letter. That’s right, you got it, sit right down and let your inner author kick your inner slacker’s butt.

Here’s exactly how it goes:

Get out a pen and paper (do NOT flip on your iPad switch, it’s just not the same as handwriting) and title this paper: “Why I LOVE Being In Great Shape”.

Next, list ten reasons why being at your best weight, shape, and fitness level makes you feel great. (Examples: “I look good in my skinny jeans” or “I can spend quality time with my kids playing and being athletic”, “My golf game gets better” or even, “I have better sex because I feel sexier”). Only you know what gets your motor going and flips your mojo into high gear. Write the list.

Keep this little “How I Love Me Best” letter handy so that you can look at it at least three times a day, wherever you are, whenever you can. (This works really well if done first thing in the morning, last thing at night and sometime(s) in between.)

Sound too simple to be effective? Not!  Believe it or not this technique is based on pieces of various world-class personal motivation courses and curriculae. It has been proven to work in a variety of applications.

Humor me on this one. Try it for just one week. After seven days, you’ll see an improvement in your default behavior (those baseline habits that you fall back on) regarding workouts and eating healthfully. You might even get hooked on the high of being able to COUNT ON your self to stay the course.

The longer you use your letter, the more ingrained your habits become and the better your willpower blossoms.

Try it and let me know! I’ll share the best Success Story with my newsletter list and send an autographed copy of “The Immortality” to the best share.

You can do this!

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Greta Blackburn is an actress, fitness magazine editor and Founder/Director of Greta Blackburn’s FITCAMPS, which have taken place for over 20 years in locations ranging from Malibu, Maui, and Mexico to Las Vegas and served as training symposiums for fitness professionals and other interested men and women from all over the world. Today the focus at Fitcamp is making 100 the new 50.

In 2011 Greta co-authored, “The Immortality Edge” with Michael Fossel, MD, PhD. (author of the pivotal 1997 tome “Reversing Human Aging”) and Dr. Woynarowski with research and solutions based programs based on the emerging field of Telomere Biology.

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